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 I was 16 when my best friend showed me how to ride his dirt bike. We lived in the Country, Tierra Amarilla and Ensenada our little Northern New Mexico. I still live and work here. After I learned, I was hooked! My brother Mark also had a Blue Honda 250 dirt bike. I remember using without permission all the time, sometimes he would let me borrow it but rarely.

🤦‍♀️A year later I got my 1st street bike it was a 650 Kawasaki, Candy Apple Red so beautiul and shiny, my dad heard from a friend there was a bike for sale at the Rio Estates in Chama, and so he took me to meet my 1st street bike. I bought it from a gentleman named Orval Wright from Chama NM..He was an older gentleman and wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing. He had a gravel driveway and said to me, "young lady if you can ride that gravel road to the end of my driveway I'll let you buy this bike", I passed his test, then Mr. Donald Gallegos issued me my first motorcycle endorsement at the old port of entry by the Sturgis grocery store! I rode that bike for six years and rode with my vecino Antonio, we worked and always changed the oil on our bikes together, he told me the other day he still has his bike. If I remember correct I think his bike was also red! I remember being almost 9 months pregnant and twenty one years old when my dad put a lock and chain on the candy apple red moto.. I was too fat and well I had precious cargo on board. My son also rode with me on small rides when he was about two from our house to his grandmother Domitilia's. Gosh those were good memories. Well today I'm 56 years old and thats the memory of my first bike, I now own my 5th ;) I'm blessed to ride a 2014 CVO 110 Screamin Eagle beautiful bodacious Road Queen I named "La Gorda" because she is thick, low and a bagger..I think she is sexy plus she hauls! I have lots of stories in between bad and good, funny and sad..many years of happy tears and lots of sad tears. I'm here and sometimes not to proud to say there were many times I didnt think I'd make it out alive from many situations me and my bike at the time. Many friendships were on hold or broken for a long time, not because people didn't love me but because I didn't Love me. My friends and family just couldn't stand to see me killing myself with alcohol them dam dry goods! My kindergarten best friend made the choice to love me from afar for many years. He had faith I'd get sober and be able to be a friend a friend enjoys having. He invited me to my first visit to Sturgis and at two years of sobriety in 2012, I knew I'd never stop riding after that trip. After that and ever since we have been everywhere and in between. I love you Ken. I made the Sturgis trip with him and his wife and friends three times and all in sobriety, who knows maybe this year too! Man the Black Hills give me chills..I love those roads. I love riding yearly for 13 days straight with my beautiful amazing friends Trina and Larry, we always have the time of our lives with amazing sisters and brothers..We Love helping our new sisters who have the passion for wind therapy💃 I truly believe God had this planned out to a T. I Love my God my family, my grandson and godson Dom. I love all my friends who ride and who dont ride. I Love people!! And I Love my Gorda, I'm looking forward to a fun summer and to meeting new and seeing old friends. In a nutshell I am a friend friends like to have, and I'm a true sister of the road who cares and supports the next sister down the road. Ride on ladies and Right on Ladies!
My name is Melisha L. Montaño your sober sista of the road "Racing the rain, riding the wind and chasing the Sunset ".


 Relative newby lol riding now 11 years and 50k miles logged. Turned 40 and realized what I was missing was wind in my life.  Never rode, never honey hugger prior.  My sweetheart took me to take a class for my endorsement and that was it.  Started on a Vrod, then to a Dyna now riding a Heritage softail classic.   Love the wind and all the friendships I have made from it!

 Crystal Sparkle Kittelman 


 Hi! My names Teresina and this is my 3rd season riding. I love to travel and thought that riding a motorcycle is the best way to do it. I am the only motorcycle rider in my entire family, so I think it took some time for them to get used to it. I truly love traveling solo as it puts my skills and knowledge to the test, but traveling with my boyfriend and/or friends is always a great time as well. I enjoy moto camping and simply seeing where the road takes me. I currently have 24,000 miles on my brand new 2017 Sportster Iron 883 and I also own a 1975 Honda CB 550F. My garage is packed with tools and moto parts as I train myself to maintain and repair my 2 wheeled babies. As a founder of The Litas Connecticut, I truly believe that supporting other women and encouraging non riders who are interested in riding is so important. Nothing makes me smile more than to have a new rider or member come out to ride for the first time with us and have a great time. 


 Hi my name is Brenda Tabaha aka ~ B ~

 I live in the Four Corners area Farmington NM to be exact. I love this part of the country because there are open Highways to roam the vast dessert one way or the Colorado Mountains the other way. In between I find my freedom and love of the wind. A recharge if you will a reconnect to my soul. I am a new rider because in the last Two years is when I really took riding seriously. I ride all year long and pretty much every day. I believe women need two things in their lives Jesus and Motorcycle’s. Everything else will fall into place. I like to find other like minded women and ride into new adventures with. I also like to encourage the new ones and help them with what I can when I can. As to why I started doing “Sunday rides” in our community. I’m excited to meet new sisters as we all share the same passion. Hope our paths cross soon. MLLH&R ~B~ 


Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am a new rider. I got into motorcycles about two years ago because of my aunt and uncle.  

I own a 2017  48 sportster and love riding by myself and with others. I look forward to learning and riding with other women. 




Hi I'm  Cassidy and age 21. 

I have been riding dirt bikes since I was about 10 years old and still continue to ride. I like to ride because of the adrenaline rush is amazing, I grew up doing it!

Eventually I would like to own a street bike as motorcycle riding is my passion. 

If riding is something you may like I suggest you try it, you get that buzz. You’re on the bike, you feel the energy of being on the bike, you feel the emotion, and freedom from it. You’re in this place where you have to jump off and just do it, and there have been a lot of women who have been on the edge. More women riding, creates a more supportive community. 


 I don't come from a background of bikers shit I only been on a back of a bike a handful of times before I learned to ride. I remember seeing women riders shit riders in general as a young girl thinking I want that to be me. I said before I turn 30 I will learn to ride and own a Harley, 2 mouths before my 30th Birthday I took the riding course and bought my first Harley a 2006 883 sportster custom Boy Toy, oh he was a beauty. 2019 I have a 2004 Roadking classic named Big Bertha and over 4000 miles under my belt. Riding is my sanctuary where I clear my head and heart. For any women that wants to or dreams about riding you can and you will fall in love with it. 



I've always felt lost to be quiet honest. 

So, when I decided to ride, it was because I wanted too. It was my choice, my lifestyle, my own "fad" if you will at 20 yrs old. Truly it was an obsession never brought to light until I discovered horsepower. From there it turned into an addiction. I went from being a motorcycle enthusiast, into a racer. I didn't nor do I care about the rally's, the "biker" scene. I haul ass past all that. I'm here to ride for the real deal, the true racers who are out to put some miles down and forget the hoorah. I ride alone..... I will always be okay with that. However, I found out,  there are others out there just like me.....we're scattered around parts of the world....and it took me riding across the country to find them. But when I found these ladies....I found true a true bond my soul had been searching for, for my lifetime. I found true sisters. 

I look forward to sharing my story with all the ladies out there who may be soul searching like I have. I look forward to our journeys down the road. 



I have been riding pretty much my whole life as I grew up on dirt bikes but I've had a Harley since 1994 which I wrote on the back seat until 1999. I was in the US Marine Corps from 1983 to 1991 and in the New Mexico army national guard from 2002 to 2008. I deployed to Iraq from 2004 to 2006.  I currently work for the US Forest Service.  I am divorced with 5 adult children and 11 grandkids 



Hi, My name is Amy Sue, and I am a female riding advocate. I have a Blog called “Amy Sue Sporty: Life of a Biker Babe” where I basically make people mad with my modern opinions about feminism and women’s rights.  I found my freedom with motorcycles as a young single woman in a new city, with social anxiety..  It was an eye opening experience.  Riding my bike is my way to connect to that inner person who knows I can do it, all by myself.  I love to help women get on two wheels and find their own definition of freedom, having sold them to hundreds of women in the 6 years I worked as a motorcycles saleswoman.  Today I still encourage the women who want to feel the liberty of the open highway by blogging about my trips, experiences and events so we can continue to grow as a community.



My name is Barbara Payne Bennett, I turned 56 years old in January.  I was born in Enid Oklahoma and have lived in Northcentral Oklahoma my entire life.  My Dad still owns property that was staked out during the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889.

I am the middle of five children, an older brother & sister and a younger brother & sister, I got blamed for EVERYTHING!  Sometimes I had even done what I was blamed for. 

We grew up on a farm Northeast of Enid a few miles and our Dad kept us kids in dirt bikes and my older brother taught me to ride, I only ran over the lawnmower once!  We both survived! 

When I was around 13 years old, my parents and my two younger siblings were in town, had gotten gas and as we were leaving town I remember a guy on a red chopper passing us.  I can remember hearing the rumble and can still see his long, dark hair.  It was great….

I met my husband just before I turned 20 years old…late 1982.  He was a hairy, tattooed biker and he swept me off my feet.  He rode a 1947 stretched Knucklehead with a custom paint job and a tall king and queen seat that he’d built from a basket case.  He built me a 1946 Knucklehead that we painted Candy Brandy Wine and I rode for a while, it was sold to a friend and I went back to being a passenger.  We bought a 1980 Shovelhead in the mid 90’s and I rode it off and on.  In 2007 for my husband’s 60th birthday we bought him a black 2007 Heritage Softail Classic. 

I lost my husband suddenly after 27 ½ years to an aortic dissection.  The evening following his service I took the Heritage and two close friends rode their Heritages for about 30 miles.  I dropped it in the grass leaving the house, didn’t hurt anything but my pride. 

I parked the bike for a few months and then I would get out with friends.  I finally decided I would try a solo ride and took a route where I’d know people along the way in case I had any trouble.  I rode about 40 miles all alone and was so proud of myself, it was an emotional trip.  I pulled up into the drive, hit the garage door opener and rode right into the garage, got off the bike without putting the kickstand down!  I found out I was able to pick it up on my own and I haven’t forgotten the kickstand since!

I joined the Motor Maids in January 2014 and am now the Oklahoma District Director.  We always love to have ladies join in rides and get together as often as work and life in general will allow.

I rode the Heritage to Conway/Morrilton AR, Santa Fe NM, Angola/Saint Francisville LA, and all over Oklahoma and Texas.

Santa Clause brought me a purple 2008 Road King Classic for Christmas 2018.  In 2019 I rode the Road King to Milwaukee WI for the Bessie Stringfield exhibit unveiling at the Harley Davidson Museum in June and then in July to Montgomery AL for the Motor Maid convention and on to Santa Rosa Beach FL to visit relatives and stopped at Lake Holbrook TX to visit more relatives before returning home. 

I rode 12,042 miles in 2019! 

I have plans to ride to San Antonio in April and for the Women’s Freedom Ride in Topeka KS in June of 2019, Who knows what else….

Our son now has all three of his Dad’s bikes and it is great to get to ride with him.

If any of you are ever in Northcentral Oklahoma feel free to email me or Facebook me and we’ll try to get together for a ride and I’ll show you all some of what makes Oklahoma a great state!

Ride safe, Ladies….

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