In~Cahoots Moto. Community is an amazing and supportive collective of women who enjoy the outdoors and motorcycle riding. 

We are a women’s riding group.  Our primary focus is riding and camping, and creating lasting relationships through these activities.  We host these events in a different location across the country every year,  making it a weekend jaunt for some one year, and a week long adventure for them the next.   The hope is that you can choose the closest event, and one day, ride to the furthest because you know your sisters are there with the same unwashed hair, the same wind burn, and the same positive light!

 We do not compete with each other, we encourage our attendees to join forces to grow our strengths, as women, and as motorcycle riders.   As riders we have fun, and we love to share our stories.  No matter how many miles you have ridden, or what style bike you ride- its the fact that you ride.. and we support every single one of you! 



June 10-13, 2021

 Are you Ready to Ride~Camp~Repeat with the most amazing and supportive collective of women? Look no further! 

Join us for an exciting experience made up of new friendships, camping, music, relaxation, adventure and more! 

June 2020 has been rescheduled: SAVE THE DATE: June 10 – 13



Fellow Riders and Supporters…

We are SO grateful to be part of such a loving and supportive riding community! Southwest Quest is an incredibly important event for us, and it is one of our favorite ways to celebrate ALL women from around the world. It is truly times like these, that put everything into perspective. Your patience and understanding during this strange and uncertain time, is much appreciated more than you will ever know.

The world has been shaken by COVID-19, and all the domino effects that it has caused and continues to cause in its path are completely unpredictable. Covid-19 affects us all in so many ways, and we understand that many of you have suffered throughout these changes. While we have been hoping that COVID-19 would not interfere with our plans, sadly, that is not the case this year.

We have planned this event with passion and pride since the end of SWQ1. However, we have also been monitoring all developments with the CDC and with the current guidelines that are recommended by the CDC, we are abiding by the recommendation that large gatherings and events are not recommended. Furthermore, it is also the current mandate that large gatherings are not permitted to be held in La Plata County and Montezuma County. With a heavy, yet grateful, heart we announce that Southwest Quest 2 ~A Women's Only Motorcycle Camping Get Away~#SWQ2 will not take place this year and will be rescheduled for June of 2021.

Our #1 priority is safeguarding the well-being of our attendees and their family’s safety, physical, and mental health as well as all of our communities. This was a tough call to make and we are so disappointed, but remain hopeful for all.

We sincerely hope that these measures will help keep us all safe and healthy so we can enjoy #SWQ2 in 2021!

That’s right, we are already planning for a proper post-quarantine celebration. Our event may be rescheduled, but that just means we have extra time to prepare for the shenanigans, fun, and rides that 2021 will bring! We have also added an extra day so SAVE THE DATE: June 10 – 13, 2021.


If you’ve already registered for #SWQ2, we are offering these options:
• All 2020 tickets automatically transfer to #SWQ2 in 2021.
• You may transfer your ticket to another individual as long as registration is open.

** If you have reserved a cabin or RV spot, please contact Tom at EchoBasin @ http://www.echobasin.com/


To you all, we thank you for all that you have provided to our event. Social media support of your business will be continued throughout the year. We will contact you shortly for our 2021 event.

With much love and appreciation,

The Crew @ In -Cahoots Moto. Community, LLC



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