In~Cahoots Moto. Community



June 5-7, 2020

 Are you Ready to Ride~Camp~Repeat with the most amazing and supportive collective of women? Look no further! 

Join us for an exciting experience made up of new friendships, camping, music, relaxation, adventure and more! 

In~Cahoots was created out of a need for a true sisterhood of riders.  Experienced, well traveled women who love to share stories of the open road, compare maps, photos, and plan new trips together!  No matter how many miles you have under your belt, or what type of motorcycle you ride, you are welcome to bring your positive attitude!

During this weekend in Southern Colorado, we are planning on riding, camping and  building memories that will last a lifetime with fellow minded female riders.

There is something for everyone!



 In~Cahoots Moto. Community is an amazing and supportive collective of women who enjoy the outdoors and motorcycle riding. 

We are a women’s riding group.  Our primary focus is riding and camping, and creating lasting relationships through these activities.  We host these events in a different location across the country every year,  making it a weekend jaunt for some one year, and a week long adventure for them the next.   The hope is that you can choose the closest event, and one day, ride to the furthest because you know your sisters are there with the same unwashed hair, the same wind burn, and the same positive light!

 As riders we have fun, and we love to share our stories.  We do not compete with each other, we encourage our attendees to join forces to grow our strengths, as women, and as motorcycle riders.  No matter how many miles you have ridden, or what style bike you ride- you are welcome to bring your positive attitude!



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